Personalised Semantic Search and Recommendations Plug-in

Keep your business on top of the game with an energy-efficient solution that helps you significantly save on costs, without compromising on users privacy. Good for the planet is excellent for your budget.

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Use at least 90% less energy

Drive real-time personalisation with an energy-efficient solution, which consumes at least 90% less energy than other available solutions.

Save at least 90% of your costs

Utilise the benefits of our energy-efficient solution and pay 90% less than for other popular solutions. Sustainable solutions are the future, and cost savings are the cherry on top.

Built for privacy from the ground up

Recommend relevant content, without using users' personal data, and protect users from crowd-dynamics by focusing only on their individual interests.

Light-weight & fast integration

Integrate our solution easily in a few hours, with the whole infrastructure set up by our team, without previous knowledge in machine learning.

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Daniel von Heyl
Daniel von Heyl
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Leif-Nissen Lundbæk
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Ruth Rothmaler