Personalised Semantic Search Plug-In

Stop searching. Start finding. Our Personalised Semantic Search Plug-In transforms your on-site search into a Google-like experience. Increase your revenue by more than 30%1 while using at least 90% less energy2 and saving at least 50% on costs2.

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Increase conversion and revenue

Our Semantic Search understands the search intent and offers results uniquely tailored to each users' preferences. A personalised experience leads to 78% of customers returning3. Make sure to benefit from up to 2x conversion increase4 if your users find what they are looking for via search. Increase your revenue by more than 30%1 by applying AI in on-site search.

Save costs and energy

Cut your costs by 50% by saving at least 90% of energy when using our efficient and easy-to-integrate real-time personalisation solution2. Benefit from the latest AI technology to boost your business.

Built for privacy from the ground up

Recommend relevant content, without using users' personal data, and protect users from crowd-dynamics by focusing only on their individual interests. Because technology should serve the user. This is why, we’re focusing on combining privacy-protecting solutions with individually tailored personalisation – for responsible AI technology.

Light-weight & fast integration

Integrate our solutions easily and quickly without previous knowledge of machine learning – and let our team of highly skilled AI and DevOps engineers take care of the rest.

Sources: 1 Accenture, 2 Internal data, 3 McKinsey, 4 MOZ

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