Our solutions for Personalised Semantic Search and Recommendations

Depending on your business needs we offer you flexible solutions for personalised semantic search and recommendations.

Personalised Semantic Search plug-in

Compared to more conventional search solutions based on finding exact matches for a user’s query, semantic search focuses on understanding the meaning and context behind the query to find more accurate results.

The power of Semantic Search

Using semantic search improves the user experience by better handling complex queries and allowing a better understanding of the user's intent, which also enables the delivery of personalised content. In addition, the automatic handling of synonyms and variations reduces development time to a minimum.

Use cases

Semantic search is beneficial for various content search use cases, such as e-commerce, books, internal documents, podcasts, news articles, publications, etc.
You can run it without any user identifiable data going to Xayn. Optionally, you can personalise search results based on the previous search behaviour of your users. You decide what fits your use case more.

Personalised Recommendations of your content

Boost engagement with a highly engaging personalised recommendation engine that learns in real-time and does not require explicit user interaction like a log-in or selection of preferences.

The power of Personalised

Personalisation can increase publisher revenues by up to 15%. Additionally, real-time personalisation has proven to be an effective way of achieving higher retention rates, they can be up to 5x higher compared to a less dynamic model. To round it off, personalised recommendations help you show relevant content to the 75% of users who don't actively state their preferences.

Use cases

Our solution enables personalised reading recommendations on websites and apps and suggests relevant content for personalised push notifications and newsletters.

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