How we protect your privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right and the center of everything we do for you. We call this privacy by design – and here’s what that means for us.

We don't collect personal data

Xayn is decentralised. This means that all your personal data is stored on your device and not on our central servers. No personal data can be accessed.

We encrypt our traffic

Because we encrypt all your data communication, they are well protected and cannot be read by anyone – not even by us.

We don't retarget you

Because we don't collect any personal data on you, we also cannot sell any data on you or retarget you throughout the web. So that what you do online, stays online.

We don't show ads

No-one likes ads. They’re data leeches and are just plain annoying. That’s why we don’t show any ads in our app.* Instead, we choose to monetise our app with a transparent subscription.

Your location is secret

Running all traffic via a proxy ensures that no-one can track where any traffic from Xayn is coming from – and you can discover the news completely anonymously.

Wanna dive deeper?

Don’t believe in empty promises. We recommend you make it a habit of reading the privacy policies.

Privacy Policy