Benefits to news without ads

Here's what we think about ads: Ads are distracting, notorious data leeches and try to sell you things you don't need. No-one likes them. That’s why we chose to make our news assistant completely ad-free.

We don’t
track you

When you use Xayn for web discovery, we have no clue what you’re up to online. And since we don’t collect any data about you, we also don’t sell that data to anyone.

We don't retarget you

No matter when or where you're surfing the web, this product does not retarget you. This provides you a cleaner web experience even beyond Xayn, all while protecting your privacy, even more.

We monetise honestly

Truthfully, there’s just no such thing as privacy-preserving ads. We don’t believe in monetising this way. So to finance our development, we therefore opted for a transparent subscription business model.

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