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Welcome to our help center. From general company questions to technical assistance, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.
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What is Xayn?
Why did we start Xayn?
What are the main advantages of Xayn?
How does Xayn protect my privacy?
Does Xayn sell my data?
Does Xayn see what I search for?
Does Xayn collect my data?
When was Xayn founded?
Who are the founders?
Is Xayn GDPR compliant?
How to get the Mobile App?
Is Xayn available for Smart Watches or Apple Watch?
Is there a browser plugin as well? 
What company is behind Xayn?
Is Xayn open source?
Is there a developer blog?
Where do I find Xayn's Repo?
How to make Xayn my default mobile browser on iPhone/ iPad?
How do I make incognito searches on Xayn?
What does swiping left or right on my search results do? 
How can I save a search result for later on Xayn? 
How do I share search results on Xayn? 
How can I access my search history on Xayn? 
Does anyone apart from me have access to my search history?
What is a a collection?
How do I create a collection?
How many collections can I create?
How can I delete individual items in a collection? 
Can anyone else see my collection?
Can I share a collection?
What is the Home screen?
How can I turn my AI off?
How does AI work at Xayn?
How do I setup the app for the first time?
Which languages is Xayn available in? 
I found a bug. What now?
How do I discover the web with Xayn?
What countries is the Home Screen available in?
What is Xayn for Web?
How can i access Xayn's Web version?
Can I sync Xayn for Web with the App?
Can I change the grid view in the web version?
Is there a web version, as well?
If Xayn doesn’t collect any of my data, how does the AI improve? 
Is Xayn hiring?

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