What personal data does your Safari browser collectWhat personal data does your Safari browser collect

What personal data does your Safari browser collect

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Safari is known to save the following data to “improve your future browsing experience”. This includes your browsing history, your browser cache, your download history & login credentials:

  • Your browsing history

Each time you visit a website, Safari stores a record of the page name and URL.

  • Your browser cache

Speeds up page loads on subsequent visits. The cache includes image files and other web page components.

  • Your download history

Each time a file downloads through the browser, Safari stores a record containing the file name, size, and the date and time of the download.

  • Your login credentials (stored in cookies)

Cookies are saved on your hard drive by website you visit in order to “customize your browsing experience”. Your login credentials and other private data are sometimes stored in cookies.

How to check which data is collected by Safari?

  1. Go to the account page for your Apple ID, and sign in.
  2. Select the Data and Privacy option.
  3. Choose Manage My Data and Privacy.
  4. You'll be asked to choose which apps and services you want data from.  
  5. Once you've made your selections, you'll be asked to select a maximum file size (1GB to 25GB). Apple will pack your data into pieces no larger than your selection.  
  6. It can take up to seven days for your request to be completed by Apple.  
  7. When your data is ready, an email to your Apple ID will instruct you how to download and view your data.

How to delete your Safari browser history

  1. Open Safari.
  1. Click on the Edit tab.
  1. Select the Reset Safari option.
  1. In the Reset Safari window, click on all the data which you wish to delete, be careful reading all the options.
  1. To delete only your browser history data, check the clear history box and uncheck all other boxes.
  1. Click on the Reset button at the bottom to end the process.

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