Best privacy settings for Safari browser

Increase your privacy in Safari by regularly deleting your browsing history and disabling a number of browser features, such as your location tracking, search engine autocomplete and password auto-fills.

Other settings you can change:  

  • Check that blocking is on by opening Safari and clicking on > Preferences, followed by >Privacy.  
  • The box next to > Prevent Cross-Site Tracking should be checked.
  • Click on > Manage Website Data to see which sites have left behind their trackers and cookies in your browser.
  • Clicking > Remove next to any of the individual trackers you want to get rid of. Or click > Remove All at the bottom of the screen.
  • Block all cookies by simply checking the box next to > Block all cookies.

If you want to increase your privacy further there are a number of apps that can be installed via the App Store, such as AdBlock Plus or Ghostery Lite for Safari.

How to block cookies on Safari browser

Cookies are bits of data sent to your device by websites you visit. They are stored in your web browser and collect personal data while keeping track of your browsing activity. You can delete cookies or even block them from your browser’s settings, but in order to get rid all cookies once and for all it is recommended that you install a privacy-focused browser like Xayn. You can also opt for browser extensions.

To block cookies on Safari:

  1. Open Safari and click > Preferences, then > Privacy.  
  1. To block all cookies check the box besides >Block all cookies.

Best ad blockers for Safari browser

When browsing and running an ad blocker in the background, you not only minimise your risk of malware and tracking, but also get to enjoy a faster, smoother and uncluttered browsing experience. Discover the best ad blockers in selection of best privacy extensions for Safari.

How to block trackers on Safari browser

To block trackers on Safari:

  1. Open Safari and click > Preferences, then > Privacy  
  1. Check the box besides >Prevent cross-site tracking