There are many fantastic browser extensions out there that are privacy by design and will protect your privacy while you browse the web with Safari. They will help you surf the internet more secure, helping you to go incognito and making sure that you don't get followed around the web. We have listed our top picks here.

Best privacy extensions for Safari

 A free, open-source Safari extension that allows you to block ads, disable tracking and create filter lists. Filter lists are sets of rules that tell your Safari browser which elements to block. You can block as little or as much as you want. Choose from pre-made, externally maintained filter lists or create your own. Almost all pre-made filter lists are created, published and maintained by AdBlock Plus users for AdBlock Plus users under open source licenses.

Another free, open-sourceprivacy and security-related browser extension. This one is by the German company Cliqz International GmbH. Ghostery enables you to detect and control JavaScript tags and trackers in order to remove JavaScript bugs and beacons that are embedded in many web pages. These assist in the collection of your browsing habits via HTTP cookies, as well as enable more sophisticated forms of tracking such as canvas fingerprinting.

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