Xayn strengthens its management team

Berlin-based privacy tech company expands its management team with two prominent women executives

  • Beatrice Kahl, formerly Head of HR at Xayn, has been promoted to Chief People Officer
  • Ruth Rothmaler, formerly Delivery Hero, joins the team as Chief Product & Design Officer
  • Professor Michael Huth, co-founder of Xayn, leaves the executive suite at his own request but remains with the company as Senior Researcher

BERLIN, 27 April 2022 – The Berlin-based start-up Xayn strengthens the expertise and gender diversity of its leadership team  with the hiring and promotion of two prominent women in the HR and product design spaces.  

  • Beatrice Kahl has been promoted from Head of HR to Chief People Officer. In this newly created position, she assumes responsibility for the entire HR department at Xayn. Previously, the veteran HR professional worked for Fjord Design and Innovation, Deloitte & Touche, Deutsche Telekom, CrossEngage, and since 2018 for Xayn. Beatrice Kahl studied International Management and lives in Berlin.  
  • Ruth Rothmaler will be the new Chief Product & Design Officer at Xayn. She brings nearly 15 years of professional experience in product development, design and company building. Ruth was the second employee at Delivery Hero and held leading positions at Delivery Hero as well as at Zeitgold and Deel. At Xayn, she will lead product development, design and user growth efforts. Rothmaler studied social and business communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. She lives with her family in Berlin.    

"We’re happy about our two newcomers to our C-level. Both Beatrice Kahl and Ruth Rothmaler are recognized experts in their fields, and will enrich the top management team and the company with their professional acumen, experienced perspective, and proven leadership skills," explains Leif-Nissen Lundbæk, co-founder and CEO. "In addition, we are pleased to come closer to achieving greater gender diversity in the C-suite. Our second management tier already has equal representation between men and women. Now we have also initiated the change at the highest level."  

At the same time, Michael Huth is leaving the boardroom to dedicate his full time and efforts to research. Huth has been an executive at Xayn and Chair of Computing at Imperial College London for many years in a personal capacity, and he will now assume the role of Senior Researcher within the company.    

"We are deeply grateful to Michael Huth for his many years of visionary leadership and dedicated service. With his technical expertise, experience, and humanity, he was and is a great asset to the entire team. We are thrilled he has chosen to remain with us as a senior researcher," emphasizes Leif-Nissen Lundbæk. "On a personal level, Michael Huth is not only my co-founder and colleague but also my PhD supervisor and long-time mentor and friend. Without him, Xayn would never have been founded. I cannot overstate my gratitude for all his work and support."  

Following the beta launch of News Assistant in March, the privacy tech company is entering the next phase of product development with its new leadership team. The AI company combines privacy with powerful AI and convenience. The private Search Engine and new News Assistant provide users with personalized content recommendations while protecting their privacy and autonomy. The technology behind all products is based on decentralized AI that leaves all users' personal data on the devices.  

PICTURES of Beatrice Kahl (Chief People Officer) and Ruth Rothmaler (Chief Product & Design Officer) can be downloaded here.


About Xayn

The Berlin-based company Xayn provides users with a privacy-protected gateway to the Internet. Their private search engine presents users with personalised search results and a curated news stream – without ads or data collection. Xayn is based on decentralised edge AI made in Europe and ushers in a new generation of user-friendly privacy tech.

The AI company started as a research project at The University of Oxford and Imperial College London by Leif-Nissen Lundbæk (PhD) and Professor Michael Huth. Together with Felix Hahmann, they founded the tech company in 2017.  

To this day, that academic vision remains with a workforce comprised of around 30% PhDs. The company also developed XayNet, the open-source framework for Masked Federated Learning. The start-up has received investment funding of 19.5 million EURO from Global Brain Corporation, KDDI Open Innovation Fund, Earlybird as well as Dominik Schiener. Xayn has worked with corporations such as Porsche, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, and Siemens.

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