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As the new generation of privacy tech, we make privacy ready for mainstream - through putting design and user experience first and combining this with a ton of privacy research.

So let's open the hood together, here are the cornerstones of our open-source technology explained.

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How it works

Your data stays on device

Your data stays on device

The key to privacy is that your data remains where it belongs - with you. Xayn works decentrally, so that all the magic happens on your device and no personal data ever has to leave your phone. That’s the only way to ensure you stay incognito and cannot be tracked. As it should be!
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Next-level personalisation

Xayn is the first privacy alternative that offers you truly personalised search results! Our edge AI predicts what you are most likely looking for - which makes you find anything faster. And with Search Swiping, you can now personalise your search results even further.
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Training AI the right way

So how do we get our AI to work well without collecting any data centrally? This technique is called Federated Learning! This means that all local AIs learn from each other through exchanging wisdom every once in a while - without ever exchanging personal data!
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Everything is encrypted

At Xayn, the magic does not just happen on your phone. It’s also encrypted to prevent security breaches. For this, we developed a unique masking protocol that encrypts everything from end-to-end. So that no-one can ever see what you’re up to online, not even us.

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