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What is Xayn?
Why did we start Xayn?
What are the main advantages of the Xayn App compared to conventional search engines?
How does Xayn work?
How does Xayn protect my privacy?
What AI does Xayn use?
Which data do you process inside of Xayn?
What's the difference between personalisation and tracking?
How does search result personalisation work?
Which devices/platforms does Xayn run on?
How do I get Xayn for iOS?
How do I get the Xayn for Android?
Which languages does Xayn support?
When is the browser version coming?
Is the Xayn app also available on tablets and on Chromebook?
Is the Xayn app available on F-Droid?
Is Xayn open-sourced?
What does swiping left or right on my search results do?
When I swipe left on a result it deletes it from the results list. Why is that?
When I swipe right on a result it gets marked with a green border. Why is that?
How do I search for only pictures, videos, or news?
How can I bookmark a search result for later?
How do I share search results?
What personal data does Xayn store?
How can I access my search history?
Does anyone apart from me have access to my search history?
What do the symbols in the search history that appear before each entry mean?
What is a collection?
How do I create a collection?
How many collections can I create?
How can I delete individual items in a collection?
Can anyone else see my bookmarks?
What’s displayed on my Home screen?
How does the Home screen curate itself?
Why does it happen that less interesting information for me is displayed?
Can I choose who I receive my news from?
Can I turn my AI off?
How does my AI work?
If Xayn doesn’t collect any of my data, how does the AI improve?
What’s the benefit of AI driven personalisation?
What information can I find in the Settings section?
Can I transfer my Xayn data from one device to another?
Which languages is Xayn available in?
What are the system requirements for my iPhone?
What are the system requirements for my Android phone?
I found a bug. What now?
Does Xayn sell my data to advertisers or other companies?

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