Getting started

Xayn offers a search plug-in powered by our Small Language Model Xaynia, that can provide your business with personalised search experience. The energy-efficient solution saves costs and protects users' digital privacy.

The initial challenge

Do you wonder how we can use at least 90% less energy compared to other available solutions? Check out this blog post for more details about our product origins.

Blog Post

Plug-in Solution overview

- Personalised Recommendations allow you to implement a "For you section" tailored to the interests of your users.

- Personalised Semantic Search focuses on understanding the meaning and context behind a query and delivers more relevant results.

Ready to integrate our AI model Xaynia?

You can integrate the Xaynia model in just a few steps with the REST API. The API is divided into the front office and the back office.

API Documentation

The Front Office provides the API that is needed to get personalised content or do semantic searches. It is also used to transmit a user's consumed content for personalisation. You can find its reference here.

The Back Office API allows you to define which pieces of your content will be personalised for your users. You use the back office to add/remove your content pieces, which we refer to as “documents”. You can find its reference here.

Talk to our engineers

If you have any further questions about our product, feel free to reach out to our engineering team. We would be happy to help.

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Test Xayn with your own data

All you need to do is to send us your contact data via the form below and we will send you the credentials to a test environment with which you can test Xaynia with your own data!

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