Release 1.3 is out & Here's What's New

Release 1.3 is out & Here's What's New

Deep Search, Reader Mode, Ad Blocking and an all new navigation

Dear Community,

We're happy to announce our next release 1.3 is finally available for download! In our last release notes, we mentioned that we've been refactoring Xayn to make room for some major features. With this release, we are excited to launch the features Deep search, Reader mode, and Ad blocking. Here's a deep dive into what's new:

Deep Search

As one of the major productivity features, we're very excited to introduce Deep search into Xayn! This new feature allows you to dive deeper into your research topics and snowball your search results.

Deep search takes a search result and provides further search results that are related to the original one. Without altering the original search query, you can dive deeper into your research by clicking on the binoculars icon on any web result and build up collections of related topics and content. It will assist you in diving deeper into your research and will prove to be a major productivity booster for you.

Happy deep diving!  

Reader Mode

Introducing also Reader Mode! Now you'll be able to open any website or news article from the Home Screen in a clean, distraction-free reader view. As a standard setting, you can either set all news articles from the Home Screen to be in Reader Mode, all other websites, or both. And the best part: All dark mode lovers will now be able to view any website in dark mode if the Reader mode is enabled. Hurray!

Ad Blocking

Speaking of distractions: Sometimes, there's nothing worse than ads. They fill the majority of space on a page, pop up randomly while you're trying to digest information, and often they’re full of ads for products you may have bought already, or don't care for at all. Plus, personalised ads are highly controversial from an ethical and privacy point of view. Now, you won't have to bother about this anymore because Xayn blocks them for you!  

Bonus tip: Our new on-page navigation

You can also decide individually upon opening each page, simply by swiping up once you have any website open. This will reveal our improved web view navigation, where you will also find instant  access to enable or disable the cookies & tracker blocker buttons, sharing, collecting and open in standard browser.


So I hope you like our new features and that you will make sure you'll download the new version for Android or iOS. Until then, if you have questions, found a bug or have any other feature request, you can contact me at . Many thanks for your continued support, we appreciate all the input and feedback you guys keep giving us. Be this in our app stores, on Twitter or LinkedIn!

Happy searching


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