Product news | Xayn App Release 2.3 is out

Product news | Xayn App Release 2.3 is out

Here's all that's new

Dear community,

we're back with our next app release, mobile version 2.3! Over the course of this week, the update will be available for download both on the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Aside from the usual many bug fixes, we're bringing you a couple of highly requested UX updates. Continue reading for all the details on what's new!

Super-fast searching  

Wonderful news, our AI and search algorithms are now up to 4 times faster than usual! Here's a little background story on what we did on the developer side. We have integrated multi-threading, which allows us to use all the cores of the CPU on your phone. We identified and parallelised the most time-consuming parts of the algorithm to increase overall speed.


New image view

Another highly requested feature is finally coming to this new release. We have completely overhauled the way we show image results. Our image results now offer previews, which will show once you click on any image search result. This makes it easier for you to pre-screen any picture without long loading times and increases productivity a lot.  On top, you can now zoom into image results. Whoohoo!

I hope you like all the design updates inside the app as much as we do. Make sure you'll download the new mobile version for Android or iOS now! And as always, we could not get anywhere without your manifold feedback. Therefore, if you have ideas, questions, found a bug or have further feature requests, you can contact us via Many thanks for your continued support, we appreciate all the input you keep giving us.  

Also, make sure you also check out Xayn's newly launched web version via! And if you haven't already, make sure to follow us on social media – e.g., on our new Instagram channel!

Happy discovering,


PS: Xayn is now carbon neutral! This means, you can now search and discover the web without producing any new carbon emissions! This is just one of our contributions to fighting the global climate crisis. Because in our view, every bit matters. To find out more, you can read all about this initiative here.

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