Product news | Xayn App Release 2.1 is out

Product news | Xayn App Release 2.1 is out

Here's all that's new

Dear community,

Xayn is back with our next app release, mobile version 2.1! Over the course of this week, the update will be available for download both on the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Aside from the usual many bug fixes, we're bringing you a couple of highly requested UX updates. Continue reading for all the details on what's new!

Picking the app theme manually  

Behold! One of the most requested design features is now finally here: You can now manually pick between dark mode and light mode theme. Previously, the colour theme of the app was dependent on the device settings, e.g. dark mode would only turn on in accordance to the default system settings (e.g. iOS night Shift being activated). But now, you can dark mode all day long depending on how you fancy that :)  

You can find the theme switch in the settings screen. Just go to -> settings ->  Your App Theme. In the settings, you will be able to choose between the system default, the light mode and the dark mode.  


New & improved reader mode

Moving on to our highly popular reader mode, it now looks better than ever! Upon opening a website in reader mode, you will notice the loading speed has increased substantially. And because the reader mode is now native, you will be able to enjoy an overhauled look and feel.  

We at Xayn love having the reader activated per default, as it helps us cut through website noise. It suppresses unnecessary website content, such as ads and other side banners, which usually kill the website performance and are also highly distracting. Therefore, reader mode helps us cut through the noise and get to the core content faster. Productivity hacking to the core!

Bonus: What's new in the web version

As you know, Xayn recently launched our web version in beta. While it is still in early stage and as of now still highly relying on further progress on the Flutter for Web support, we're happy to be able to show what a one-code approach – combining web and app – can do. You can access and try out the web version here:

This brings me to the latest feature update in the web version: The look and feel of the search results. In our opinion, a grid view makes much sense not only in the mobile universe, but also on the desktop screens. Desktop screens usually hold wide landscape formats that enable an entire screen view. However, different users, different tastes ...😊  

Therefore, we have now enabled that users have the option to choose the search results view either showing either as grid, or as list. To access those settings, simply go to -> settings ->  Grid Setup. But what do you think? Which view do you prefer? Let me know via!

 I hope you like all the design updates inside the app as much as we do. Make sure you'll download the new mobile version for Android or iOS now! And as always, we could not get anywhere without your manifold feedback. Therefore, if you have ideas, questions, found a bug or have further feature requests, you can contact us via Many thanks for your continued support, we appreciate all the input you keep giving us.  

Also, make sure you also check out Xayn's newly launched web version via! And if you haven't already, make sure to follow us on social media – e.g., on our new Instagram channel!

Happy discovering,


PS: Xayn is now carbon neutral! This means, you can now search and discover the web without producing any new carbon emissions! This is just one of our contributions to fighting the global climate crisis. Because in our view, every bit matters. To find out more, you can read all about this initiative here.

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