Product news | Xayn App Release 2.0 is out

Product news | Xayn App Release 2.0 is out

We will always continue to improve our app in terms of design, usability, performance and productivity features | Navigation bar | Search Results | Xayn AI

Dear community,

I am thrilled to announce that Xayn is back with a brand-new release! With Xayn 2.0, we're taking our next major release live today, or in other words: the best Xayn, yet! Upon updating, you will notice that much of the app's look and feel has changed. Though we have also recently launched Xayn Web, Xayn is truly mobile first. We will always continue to improve our app in terms of design, usability, performance and productivity features. Continue reading for all the details on what's new:

Navigation bar 2.0

With the new release, all relevant search functions will centre around an improved search navigation. It makes it easier for you to navigate and focus on the most important things: your searches. Also, we introduced an aligned navigation between the screens and the web view. Depending on the state, the navigation and burger menu adapts dynamically to the content, so that you can easily enable or disable blockers or the reader mode also per page.

Search Results 2.0

Furthermore, we have completely redesigned the search results list. Upon having sent off a search query, the results screen will now look even better. You will find that we have incorporated all results into one overview screen, and provide better preview options that allow you to screen content faster and therefore find faster the content that's relevant to you.

Xayn AI 2.0

One last upgrade that we want to point out is that we have given Xayn's AI a complete makeover. As you know, we develop our AI completely decentralised (i.e. on the edge), which is the only way we that we believe your data can truly stay private. However, this approach also brings along some challenges in regards to development. Therefore, we're playing around with which type of AI truly works best on your phone. With the goal of producing a more performant, smaller and efficient AI for you, we have therefore worked hard in the last months to produce a completely new concept for our signature edge AI.

So what do you think? Let us know if you think the new AI can better understand your content preferences or not! And do you you like our new UX upgrades? Make sure you'll download the new version for Android or iOS now! And as always, we could not get anywhere without your manifold feedback. Therefore, if you have ideas, questions, found a bug or have further feature requests, you can contact us via Many thanks for your continued support, we appreciate all the input you keep giving us.  

Also, make sure you also check out Xayn's newly launched web version via! And if you haven't already, make sure to follow us on social media – e.g., on our new Instagram channel!

Happy discovering,


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