Plug & play news feed personalisation

Engage your readers longer than ever by personalising your very own news content in real-time. Our light-weight model works for various use cases and requires no logins, nor explicit feedback or reader's input.

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Better-than-ever engagement

Did you know that readers with a personalised experience read 3x as many articles? Our powerful AI​ is a real engagement booster and drives retention, solving one of the most critical challenges for digital media outlets.

Personalise your news like social media

Our API easily generates a personalised news stream of your quality content that will rival any social media platform. Getting more personalised with every content piece read, the next compelling story is just one scroll away.

Light-weight & fast integration

Our AI can be integrated in days, as opposed to taking years to build the same results in-house. Running on a light-weight infrastructure service, Xayn creates cost-efficient improvements to performance and UX.

Finally an explainable AI

These days, responsible and ethical personalisation is more important than ever. To prevent filter bubbles and polarisation, our open source recommendation engine serves only the individual and is free from crowd dynamics.

Built for privacy from the ground up

Our entire architecture is focused on user privacy and to meet GDPR compliance standards. You will get your own cloud instance on an EU server or can even host our engine on the edge. We also do not track your reader's behaviour.

Energy efficient and sustainable

Because every bit matters today. Xayn is made for ESG compliance. Our AI is therefore built for efficiency and reduces energy by 94.4% compared to Google's BERT​. For a better tomorrow.

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